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Customisable Uragano Rugs Hanger

Sale price$113.00

The Anna Scarpati Rug Hangers are hand made to order in Italy to the colours you desire.

There is a huge range of piping and binding colour to choose from with the choice to add crystals too!

How to design your Anna Scarpati Custom Gear:

Step 1: Select your size (eg Full Size).

Step 2: Select your design code from the configuration image (eg Style: 107).

Step 3: Choose the base colour (eg Navy).

Step 4: Choose your outer binding - This is the trim around the very edge (eg 48B).

Step 5: Choose your pipings - Please note there are Big (G) and Small (P) pipings available (eg 01G, 21P).

product shot image of the anna scarpati customisable uragano rugs hanger
Customisable Uragano Rugs Hanger Sale price$113.00