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Article: We have Bits for Every Horse

We have Bits for Every Horse

We have Bits for Every Horse

If you're on the hunt for the ideal bit to suit your horse's needs, you've come to the right place. At Tailored Equestrian, we take pride in offering a diverse and carefully curated selection of bits from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Whether you're looking for innovation, comfort, or reliability, our range has something for every rider and horse duo.

Let's dive into what makes each brand special:

Beris: Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, Beris bits are crafted from soft, flexible materials that conform beautifully to your horse's mouth. They promote salivation and acceptance, ensuring a gentle yet effective connection.

Sprenger: A household name in equestrian gear, Sprenger bits combine advanced technology with classic design. From the Dynamic RS to the KK Ultra, each bit is engineered for optimal performance and comfort.

Stubben: Stubben's Golden Wings bits stand out with their unique "wing" sidepieces that prevent pinching and provide stability. Made from Sweet Copper, they encourage salivation and a softer mouth feel.

Poponcini: These bits are all about comfort and adaptability. Made from lightweight, anatomically shaped materials, Poponcini bits minimize pressure points and promote natural chewing action.

Trust: Trust bits feature innovative designs like the Sweet Iron range, which oxidizes to create a sweet taste horses love. They're crafted for durability and offer various options to suit different riding styles.

Metalab: The Metalab Flexi Bits are a game-changer, featuring a flexible mouthpiece that adapts to your horse's mouth for a natural feel. They're ideal for sensitive horses or those in training.

Winderen: Winderen bits incorporate gel technology for superior comfort and adaptability. They minimize pressure points and promote relaxation, making them perfect for horses with sensitive mouths.

Nathe: Nathe bits are crafted from gentle, non-toxic materials that are particularly suitable for young or sensitive horses. They provide a soft and consistent contact, encouraging relaxation and responsiveness.

At Tailored Equestrian, we understand that finding the right bit is crucial for both performance and your horse's well-being. Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through our collection, ensuring you find the perfect fit. Whether you're competing, training, or simply hacking out, our commitment to quality and expertise ensures you'll leave with a bit that both you and your horse will love.

Explore our bit collections today either online or Instore - we are here to help.

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