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Customisable Nancy Waffle Rug

Sale price€185

The Anna Scarpati Rugs are hand made to order in Italy to the colours you desire.

There is a huge range of piping and binding colour to choose from with the choice to add crystals too!

How to design your Anna Scarpati Custom Gear:

Step 1: Select your size (eg Full Size).

Step 2: Select your design code from the configuration image (eg Style: 107).

Step 3: Choose the base colour (eg Navy).

Step 4: Choose your outer binding - This is the trim around the very edge (eg 48B).

Step 5: Choose your pipings - Please note there are Big (G) and Small (P) pipings available (eg 01G, 21P).

Step 6: Choose if you would like a Hip Ornament with 1, 2 or 3 colours (eg 02G, 21G).

product shot image of the anna scarpati customisable nancy waffle rug
Customisable Nancy Waffle Rug Sale price€185