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Kask Kooki Lady

Kask Kooki Lady

Focus on your performance without compromising on style and safety. Ultra lightweight and suitable for any athlete, even newcomers to the world of riding. Kooki Lady is the perfect blend of design, safety and comfort. This riding helmet adapts to any type of clothing, which, along with its lightness and comfort, makes it ideal for competitions and training.

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Kooki Lady Riding Hat - Black/MattKooki Lady Riding Hat - Black/Matt
Kooki Lady Riding Hat - Black/ShineKooki Lady Riding Hat - Black/Shine
Kooki Lady Riding Hat - Navy/ShineKooki Lady Riding Hat - Navy/Shine
Kooki Lady Riding Hat - Navy/MattKooki Lady Riding Hat - Navy/Matt
Kooki Lady Riding Hat - Dark ShadowKooki Lady Riding Hat - Dark Shadow

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