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Unika Horse Ball Treat

Unika has conceived a brand new, ground-breaking line of products that completely changes and renovates the concept of complementary feeds: it’s called Unika Balls and it’s way more than a line of horse toys. Unika Balls are balls that your horses may lick throughout the day for, thanks to their ropes made of natural fibres, they can be hung up inside stalls or trailers. Unika Balls are not just a way to entertain your horses, but they’re also a completely new tool to enrich their diets with some important substances, such as officinal plants, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and much more. Indeed, while we all think about complementary feeds as powder or liquid products to add to daily rations, Unika Balls are a complete innovation: they’re suspended complementary feeds!

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Unika Horse Ball - GastroUnika Horse Ball - Gastro
Unika Horse Ball - Gastro Sale price€39 EUR
Unika Horse Ball - PrequalmUnika Horse Ball - Prequalm
Unika Horse Ball - ElyteUnika Horse Ball - Elyte
Unika Horse Ball - Elyte Sale price€39 EUR
Unika Horse Ball - HerbsUnika Horse Ball - Herbs
Unika Horse Ball - Herbs Sale price€39 EUR

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