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Wave Sensitive Bit

Sale price€48

The Acavallo Wave Sensitive bite is perfect for the strongest young horses and for the correction of difficult horses. The innovative bite is made of a new-concept antiallergic plastic material instead of a heavy and cold metal alloy. Thanks to the integrated and flexible steel reinforcement, this bite offers a soft but very safe control of the horse.

The one-piece design of the mouthpiece and rings prevents unilateral compression or pinching of the tongue or jaws, as well as painful irritation to the palate.

The multitude of small "waves" with which it is composed, is a real help when working with horses with hardened or naturally special and sensitive mouths. Thanks to the wavy shape, horses learn to not push or lean on the bite. This comfortable positioning increases the horse's confidence in the rider's hand, thus helping him to find the ideal balance.

product shot image of the acavallo wave sensitive bit
Wave Sensitive Bit Sale price€48