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Soft'Up Classic + Stirrups - Pearl Navy/Black

Sale price$477.00 NZD

More stability, more grip.

The SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ stirrup offers a 27% wider platform. It has the same technical features as the SOFT'UP CLASSIC with a wider platform for greater grip, stability and comfort.

Technology and safety.

The SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ stirrup is designed with a straight eye that subtly guides the ball of the foot inwards, ensuring optimum position and stability. The centre of gravity is shifted forward, tilting the floor to help the heels drop.

The result of a collaboration between Pénélope Leprévost and the famous Italian designer Pininfarina, these stirrups harmoniously combine functionality and elegance.

The outer branch of the stirrup is made from Elastollan®, a flexible material that deforms and allows the leg to open, making it easier to release the foot in the event of a fall.

Shock absorption and super grip.

Single-branch technology

SOFT'UP CLASSIC+'s single-branch spring steel technology reduces the force exerted on each stirrup by a factor of three, thus reducing the pressure on the rider's joints and taking the strain off the horse's back. 

Freejump Shock Absorption

The SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ stirrup features Freejump Shock Absorption technology thanks to its single-branch design. This guarantees optimum shock absorption and exceptional comfort.

The SOFT'UP CLASSIC+'s ultra-wide ergonomic floor and rounded, cramped rear edge reduce pressure points on the arch of the foot.

Grip and durability

Equipped with a super grip, the SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ offers optimum grip, reinforced by removable and replaceable steel studs. The integration of fibreglass in the floor guarantees unrivalled durability.

Shock absorption

The single-branch design of the SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ stirrup, made from hardened spring steel with very high mechanical strength, meets the maximum stresses that a stirrup can sustain in terms of shock and fatigue. 

The single-branch technology, combined with the Elastollan® overmoulding, means that the effort on each stirrup is divided by three, taking the strain off the rider's joints and the horse's back.   

Enhanced safety

The flexible Elastollan® outer branch of SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ is designed to release the foot easily in the event of a fall and can open under foot pressure.

Super grip

The floor of the SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ stirrup offers exceptional grip thanks to its super grip. Removable steel studs enhance the anti-slip effect. The inclusion of fibreglass guarantees unrivalled durability.  

Straight eye

The eye of the SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ is parallel to the floor, allowing the toe to point inwards. FREEJUMP stirrup leathers with wider loops (CLASSIC WIDE and 4X6) are adapted to the increased width of the SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ eye, for greater stability and comfort in contact with the leg. SOFT'UP CLASSIC+ stirrups remain compatible with all types of stirrup leathers.

Offset centre of gravity

The forward position of the main branch allows for an offset center of gravity, facilitating a natural heel drop.

product shot image of the freejump softup classic pearl stirrup navy black
Soft'Up Classic + Stirrups - Pearl Navy/Black Sale price$477.00 NZD