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The Club

How it works

Create your account

Step One

Whether you are exploring our website or shopping in our store, rewards await you with our Loyalty Programme. It is easy to sign up in seconds.

Start Earning

Step Two

Every time you shop with us, you will earn at least 1 point for every €1 spent, and may be redeemed at a rate of 100 Points to €1. The higher your tier, the more points you will earn. Plus, look out for special bonus point days.

Enjoy Your Rewards

Step Three

Enjoy the Rewards. Redeem Your Points against you next purchase. Check your points balance by logging into your account or ask in store.


How do I Join The Club?

Just create an account with us to access our rewards programme

How do I earn points?

You can earn points for all sorts of activities, including leaving a review, and making purchases. To see all the ways you can earn points click the 'How to earn points' tab in the menu.

How do I view my point balance?

Your point balance is on your rewards page in the top bar. It is also on your account main page when you login.

Is there a limit to the points I can earn?

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can.

What do the 'approved', 'pending' and 'cancelled' statuses mean?

  • Approved: These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately
  • Pending: These points need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and referrals
  • Cancelled: These points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled)

Why did my account balance go down?

It may be that you have cancelled or returned an order with points associated. If not then please email and we will be able to look into this.

I’ve completed an activity but didn’t earn any points?

It can sometimes take a few hours for us to process your activity and provide your points. Order points can take up to 14 days to clear, this is just in case you need to return any items.

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