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samshield 2.0
Samshield 2.0


The Samshield 2.0 helmet is a new and improved fit. Available in four shell sizes; Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The new helmet caters for all sizes, from size 52cm to 64cm. The Samshield 2.0 helmet is a wider fit, so those who struggled to fit into Samshield previously will find this option fits much better and more comfortable than the standard Samshield.

What‘s different about 2.0?

Fitting The shell comes down further at the back of the head. This means there is no dressage harness option in 2.0, as already the shell meets the harness at the bottom. Frequently you will have had customers who are used to skull caps, or more traditional fitting helmets that sit very snugly around the head, who find the fitting of the Samshield strange at first. The 2.0 has been designed to allow you to fit more people in to a Samshield than you would have been able to before, whilst also giving some riders that snug feeling around the base of the skull that they‘re used to.

Design Slight aesthetic changes on a popular design - we did not want a radically different helmet to what we already have. As well as your helmet top finishing higher at the back of the helmet, you also have a slightly different blazon shape and a 3D trim, rather than 2D. The 3D trim sits more streamlined between the top and the main shell, and now allows for 300 Swarovski trims rather than 255.

Harness The harness now comes from within the shell itself, rather than the outside, which gives a more refined look and is much better for fitting smaller faces and children. The straps are slightly thinner, again giving a more refined look, and the elastic band for the buckle strap has a newer, sportier design.

Safety Standards Same as the original helmet, with EN and ASTM. New XL Shell - Our new XL shell size fits from 61XL to 64XL. The cross over sizes you are used to in the other shell sizes remain the same.


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