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Winderen bits stand out due to their innovative gel technology, which ensures exceptional comfort and adaptability for your horse. Unlike traditional bits, Winderen bits feature a unique combination of flexible and durable materials that provide a soft, yet precise communication channel between horse and rider. This advanced design minimizes pressure points and promotes a more relaxed and responsive performance. Additionally, Winderen bits are highly customizable, allowing for adjustments that cater to the specific needs of your horse, making them a standout choice for riders seeking both performance and comfort.

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Eggbutt SnaffleEggbutt Snaffle
Eggbutt Snaffle Sale price€128 EUR
D-Ring Snaffle White EditionD-Ring Snaffle White Edition
product shot image of the winderen mouthpiecesproduct shot image of the Mouthpieces
Mouthpieces Sale price€77 EUR
Half Pad Comfort 18mm - CoalHalf Pad Comfort 18mm - Coal
Eggbutt Snaffle White EditionEggbutt Snaffle White Edition
Baucher SnaffleBaucher Snaffle
Baucher Snaffle Sale price€140 EUR
D-Ring Sale price€135 EUR
Loose Ring SnaffleLoose Ring Snaffle
Loose Ring Snaffle Sale price€125 EUR
Full CheekFull Cheek
Full Cheek Sale price€150 EUR
Winderen Stirrups - Matt BlackWinderen Stirrups - Matt Black
Loose Ring Snaffle  White EditionLoose Ring Snaffle  White Edition
Baby Pelham White EditionBaby Pelham White Edition
Baby Pelham White Edition Sale price€186 EUR
Winderen Stirrups - BlackWinderen Stirrups - Black
Winderen Stirrups - Black Sale price€241 EUR
Correction Half Pad System Comfort Jumping 18mm - CharcoalCorrection Half Pad System Comfort Jumping 18mm - Charcoal
Half Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - CoalHalf Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Coal
Baby PelhamBaby Pelham
Baby Pelham Sale price€182 EUR
Saddle Pad Jumping - Anthracite-Rose GoldSaddle Pad Jumping - Anthracite-Rose Gold
Full Cheek White EditionFull Cheek White Edition
Full Cheek White Edition Sale price€153 EUR
Kimblewick RNFKimblewick RNF
Kimblewick RNF Sale price€150 EUR
Half Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Blue-Rose GoldHalf Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Blue-Rose Gold
Correction Half Pad System Comfort Jumping 18mm - CoalCorrection Half Pad System Comfort Jumping 18mm - Coal
Baucher Snaffle White EditionBaucher Snaffle White Edition
Saddle Pad Jumping - Green/SilverSaddle Pad Jumping - Green/Silver
Saddle Pad Jumping - Black/GoldSaddle Pad Jumping - Black/Gold
Half Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Grey GooseHalf Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Grey Goose
Winderen Stirrups - SapphireWinderen Stirrups - Sapphire
Half Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Charcoal-Rose GoldHalf Pad Jumping Slim 10mm - Charcoal-Rose Gold
Winderen Stirrups - Silver ShineWinderen Stirrups - Silver Shine
Elegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Steel GraphiteElegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Steel Graphite
Elegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Carbon BlackElegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Carbon Black
Elegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Space BlueElegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Space Blue
Saddle pad Jumping - VioletSaddle pad Jumping - Violet
Correction Half Pad System Comfort Jumping 18mm - ChocolateCorrection Half Pad System Comfort Jumping 18mm - Chocolate
Saddle Pad Jumping - Baby Blue/NavySaddle Pad Jumping - Baby Blue/Navy
Full Cheek GagFull Cheek Gag
Full Cheek Gag Sale price€153 EUR
Saddle Pad Jumping - Anthracite-SilverSaddle Pad Jumping - Anthracite-Silver
Saddle Pad Jumping - Navy/SilverSaddle Pad Jumping - Navy/Silver
Winderen Stirrups - GreyWinderen Stirrups - Grey
Winderen Stirrups - Grey Sale price€241 EUR
Saddle pad Jumping - White/Sky BlueSaddle pad Jumping - White/Sky Blue
Winderen Stirrups - Pine ForestWinderen Stirrups - Pine Forest
Half Pad Comfort 18mm - CaramelHalf Pad Comfort 18mm - Caramel
Half Pad Comfort 18mm - Dark BlueHalf Pad Comfort 18mm - Dark Blue
Medium Pelham White EditionMedium Pelham White Edition
Kimblewick RNF White EditionKimblewick RNF White Edition
Eggbutt Gag White EditionEggbutt Gag White Edition
Eggbutt Gag White Edition Sale price€143 EUR
Saddle Pad Jumping - Black/SilverSaddle Pad Jumping - Black/Silver
Half Pad Slim 10mm - TerracottaHalf Pad Slim 10mm - Terracotta
Elegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Sand BeigeElegance Jumping Saddle Pad - Sand Beige

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