Sid's Garlic Seaweed

Equine Seaweed

Sid's Garlic Seaweed
Do you know that seaweeds are like vegetables there are different types with different health and vitamin values and benefits. Garlic seaweed is a blend of seaweeds or sea veg as we like to call them with a little garlic added. They are harvested fresh from the sea, not the half rotten stuff you find on the sea shore, they are not a by product from liquid fertilizer industry, they are passed for use by the dept of agric. Garlic seaweed is an Irish made product and does what it says on the tin!

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Garlic seaweed does help to make a difference. Breeders will tell you it helps with fertility, show jumpers say stamina, recovery, energy and over all well being. Race horse trainers say the same thing. Farriers say it helps with hoofs, hardens them up. Not only all this but it also improves horses coat and skin.


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