Muscle-Care - 2kg

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Muscle-Care - 2kg
Muscle-Care is recommended for maximum muscle support in high level performances. It contains all the necessary nutrients to support optimal muscle activity. Muscle-Care triggers the transformation of AMP in ATP. This results in maximum energy supply on cellular level during competition.
Muscle-Care is therefore particularly suitable for strengthening the muscles, in short term, allowing the optimal performance of the horse.
In practice, riders often administer 2 to 3 measures as from 3 days before and during competition days. Thanks to the high concentrations of amino acids and whey proteins, Muscle Care is also particularly suited to build up muscle mass. A long-term use (1-2 measures per day) provides a natural boost.
Muscle-Care is often used to bulk up skinny horses, to prepare stallions for approval and to strengthen sport horses with low resistance.

Instructions for use:

1 scoop (40 grams) per day,
50 day treatment

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Instructions for use:

• 1 spoon of 40 gr per horse per day mixed in feed

• Cure for 50 days


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