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Tendon, muscle and ligament injuries are a common problem in sports horses. Tendons form the connection between muscles and bones and ensure that the muscle activity is transferred to the bone. A tendon consists of many tendon fibers. A ligament also consists of connective tissue fibers and its function is to stabilize a joint. Compared with a muscle, tendons and ligaments have very little blood flow. Due to this lack of blood supply, nutrients and waste materials are supplied and removed far more slowly, resulting in slower recovery. A tendon injury can occur due to an acute or chronic overload. The severity of the injury can vary greatly, from just a few fibers that are damaged to a full ruptured tendon. Tendon-Care is indicated not only for promoting recovery in muscle, tendon and ligament injuries but can also be used preventively. It is a highly concentrated feed supplement that supports the health of the muscles, ligaments and tendons and promotes recovery.
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