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Article: Travel safely - and in style

Travel safely - and in style

Travel safely - and in style

What to pack when you go travel with your horse.


Who doesn’t love to go travel with your horse? If it’s for a competition or a trip, the days before departure are always stressful because you have to pack a lot of things for you and your horse. To assure you won’t forget anything, we made a checklist with what to bring with you when you travel with your horse. Save this checklist and you can easily print this the next time you’re traveling with your horse.

What to bring to the trailer?


Equipment for your horse

Don’t just throw your bridle in the truck, you can use a bridle bag to protect the leather from scratching
Did you know you can easily take 3 to 5 saddle pads with you in our Saddle pad bag? The bag also prevents your saddle pads from getting dirty or wet, as the coating is waterproof.
 Leg protectors like boots or bandages
Equipment rider


This checklist is a basic checklist. Based on the weather during the trip, you should additionally pack winter rugs or fly repellent. When you’re preparing everything at the stables, make sure the car is packed first before loading your horse into the truck.

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Grooming Deluxe has landed
Grooming Deluxe

Grooming Deluxe has landed

Grooming Deluxe Show Grooming Box will become your best ally to store all the grooming equipment for your horse at shows or at home.

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