We love bits. We pride ourselves in having the most up to date bits in stock. We love innovation. We love when a rider comes to us when they are having a problem with a horse and we can help through bitting advice.

A huge percentage of riders come to us with horses who are sensitive, just won't accept the bit, or completely evade the bit. Many horses don't actually like the feel of metal in their mouths, many have "fat tongues" and have no room from a straight bar and a simple change to a ported bit can make an unbelievable difference.

The list is endless and luckily we have an endless supply of horses to try all these bits on and in turn share our knowledge with you. We love to help horses and riders find the best combination there is for them so never hesitate to
drop us a line or call us.

We also have a new LIVE CHAT feature on our website where you can chat to us online or we can give you an immediate call back. 



Acavallo are constantly developing innovative products for the equestrian market and their bits are proof of that. Testing and product development are two of their strongest areas and they have exceeded expectations with both of these bits. 


limo bit
Limo is a revolutionary bits system, produced with a special “food & drugs“ approved Thermoplastic elastomer in two different hardness. This material ensure comfort on your horse mouth without causing pain maintaining its effectiveness. Side parts are made from solid CNC aluminum and Swedish stainless steel out of solid as well.


poponcini bit

The Poponcini Harmony bit is made from a very lightweight, soft and flexible plastic, allowing rein aids to be given in a very subtle manner. The ledges at the outside of the mouthpiece prevent rubbing and help to prevent the bit being pulled through the horse's mouth. An inner steel cable runs through the mouthpiece, which is then covered in soft plastic and covered with non-toxic silicon for maximum comfort.



Sprenger was founded in 1872 and is known across the world for research, design, and manufacture of quality horse bits. Their technologically advanced designs are made in Germany to the highest manufacturing process. Sprenger has spent decades working on the exclusive patented alloys which go into their bits. 

Trusted by the best, a well-fitting, high-quality bit offers the very best expression and communication between horse and rider, leading to excellent results. This is why Sprenger is loved and trusted by famous horse people, including Charlotte Dujardin, who use Sprenger bits at the highest competition level.


beris bit

Made from a flexible material with a steel core, Beris Bits are anatomically designed to fit the horse's mouth comfortably and encourage increased relaxation to a soft yet consistent contact. With a wide variety of cheeks, hard or soft densities, and ported and straight bar mouthpieces to choose from, you're sure to find the right bit to suit your horse.


trust equestrian

The current TRUST collection includes many dozens of Sweet Iron, Inno Sense and leather bits. For years, the TRUST Equestrian team has worked together with (top) competition riders from every discipline. This ensures TRUST Equestrian to be up-to-date of the developments in the market and possible problems riders encounter when it comes to horse tack. TRUST Equestrian is always seeking for products to refine sports performances. Behind the scenes you will find a continuous effort by a professional team or riders that work on new products. There are over 1,500 different bits. The bits are produced in three materials: Sweet Iron, Flexi and leather. The production takes place in the Netherlands. TRUST is truly ‘made in Holland’. 


Browse our selection of horse bit accessories to find everything you may need, including a curb straps, bit guards, bit butter and more. Additionally, ensure your bit always shines with bit cleaners you may not have even know existed.