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A feed supplement is anything fed to a horse in addition to a natural diet of forage. The term has come to mean any additional nutrients (such as certain vitamins and minerals, extra protein, energy, etc.) that might be lacking in the diet and are added to a horse’s ration.

Horses involved in strenuous activities benefit from some types of supplements, since high-stress performance depletes some of the body’s nutrients and mineral stores more rapidly than a natural diet of forages can replace them. A wise use of certain supplements could also benefit horses with various health problems.

Some horses are hard keepers, slow healers, have poor stamina, poor reproductive performance, poor hoof growth, or weak hoof horn. These problems and other conditions have stimulated interest in supplements and creation of countless new products.

Our top pick of Equine Supplements are Global Medics Equine. A range of nutritional supplements for horses has been developed in cooperation with specialized horse doctors, surgeons and researchers. Together they make sure that your horses feel good, healthy and fresh!

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