Arti-Sport - 1kg

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Arti-Sport - 1kg
Nutritional supplement for horses to maintain supple and healthy joints. Arti-Sport supports cartilage and promotes joint lubrication for sport horses. Thanks to the new and extremely powerful formula Arti-Sport will support and nourish the joints of the sport horse to the maximum. Nearly all professional riders feel within 3 weeks a clear positive effect on the movement of the horse, this Arti-Sport is a must for everyone with professional sport horses.

Arti-Sport also contains a high dose of type 2 collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as hyaluronic acid, myristoleic acid and boswellia in optimal proportions. In addition, MSM, antioxidants, herbs with anti-inflammatory action and a range of minerals and vitamins were added to make this supplement the most effective and most complete product.

With its new extremely powerful formula, Arti-Sport softens joint pain to which each sport horse is confronted sooner or later. A large number of professional riders notice a visible positive effect within three weeks on the mobility of their horse. This efficiency makes Arti-Sport a must for all professional horse owners.

To relieve pain even more, often Arti-Sport is given as a cure/maintenance therapy and as additional support P-Block the evening before and during the event.


1 scoop of 30 g a horse a day mixed in the food

2,7 kg: treatment of 90 days,
1,0 kg: treatment of 33 days

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Instructions for use:

• 1 spoon of 30 gr per horse per day mixed in feed

• 2,7 kg: cure for 90 days

• 1,0 kg: cure for 33 days

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