Arti-Gold - 1kg

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Arti-Gold - 1kg
Dietary supplement for horses to maintain the vitality and flexibility of joints. Arti-Gold supports the restoration of cartilage and promotes lubrication of the joints. In addition, it offers the most powerful joint supplement that is currently available on the market.
Arti-Gold contains a high dose of type 2 collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin in optimal proportions. What is more, MSM, antioxidants, herbs with anti-inflammatory action and a range of minerals and vitamins are added to make this supplement the most effective and most complete product.
Arti-Gold is the ultimate joint supplement, both for growing and adult horses. Helps prevent growth disturbances of foals, and can be used in case of degenerative and traumatic joint disorders.
Arti-Gold is also highly recommended after any orthopaedic surgery and during rehabilitation. It accelerates revalidation when facing problems in the joints.

Attention: Arti-Gold contains Harpagophytum procumbens (devils claw), this is on the FEI doping list. If you are to be subjected to doping tests, you can use Arti-Sport: it provides the same beneficial effects, but has been adapted to the FEI standards!

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• 1 spoon of 30 gr per horse per day mixed in feed

• 2,7 kg: cure for 90 days

• 1,0 kg: cure for 33 days


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