Paul and Ashley Yanke developed OnTyte® Magnetic Stirrup System® based on their love of riding and experience in show jumping.

Paul grew up in a horse-loving family in Milwaukee, showing in the Junior Jumpers, then progressing to Amateur Jumpers, where he rode with Laura Kraut until he graduated from college. After graduation he hung up his show boots and entered the family manufacturing business, gaining valuable experience in engineering, production and sourcing that has proved invaluable in the development on OnTyte.

Ashley started her career at a young age showing hunters and jumpers. She followed her passion of riding to Wisconsin where she met Paul while working for Ellen VanDyke and Donald Cheska. In 2001, Ashley went to work for Laura Kraut, where she remained until “retiring” from a day to day job, remaining available to help Laura as needed.

The idea of a magnetic stirrup was first conceived by Paul’s aunt, Patty VanHousen. Patty is an adult jumper rider who found losing stirrups had become a problem when she returned to riding after lengthy injury. Patty beta-tested the earliest prototype, and found, in her words “It allowed me to ride better.”

At WEF in 2008, Paul and Ashley presented the magnetic stirrup concept to Laura Kraut. At her request, a series of ever improving prototypes were developed for her to try, leading to the final design that’s been launched as the OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup System.

Paul and Ashley now live in Arkansas with their five dogs, three cats and many horses, and are continuing to explore other riding accessories that help riders improve their performance.


Sponsored Riders

“OnTyte Is Amazing! To walk into the ring using OnTyte is a real comfort, it takes the worry of losing a stirrup away. I can't imagine riding without them!”

Laura Kraut  


“I love OnTyte! For me, the biggest benefit is the extra stability and control. Knowing that I don't have to worry about losing a stirrup, I can enter the ring and get the job done”

Lauren Hough  

“OnTyte is a great new product for everyone! OnTyte has not only be beneficial for me, but I also love it for my students. All of my clients, from beginner students to advanced riders, ride with them and we love them. I truly believe OnTyte is safe for riders of all levels. I have fallen off in every imaginable way while using them, and each time I'm on the ground before I ever think about my stirrups”

Kim Prince  

“Last winter when my trainer, Kim Prince, insisted that I try Ontyte because my legs swung around a lot over the jumps, I was extremely skeptical, to say the least. My initial reaction was that my feet might remain in the stirrups better but that the stirrups couldn't affect the swinging. Boy, was I wrong! Not only has my leg position improved but also my whole body position because of my feet being securely in the stirrups. Also, I had previously used the jointed stirrups since I have poor ankle mobility. I don't miss the jointed stirrups at all. Just recently I had to return my paddock boots to be resoled. Your customer service is incredible. Ontyte is a great innovation”

Carolyn Tribble

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